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Channel 9 RSS Reader Code Share Sample
Channel 9 RSS Reader Code Share Sample- A simple RSS reader app for the Channel 9 RSS feed sharing code across 3 apps.

This project is a simple RSS reader app for the Channel 9 RSS feed. It contains
  • A Universal Windows app (Windows 8.1 + Windows Phone with a shared folder)
  • Portable Class Libraries (ViewModels, RSS Service, Helper Methods)
  • Windows Phone 8 app (utilizing the PCL + shared files from the Universal app)

This project is an example of how to share code in several ways across several projects.
  • Shared Folder
    • Within the Universal app, the majority of files are shared simply by placing them in the "shared" folder". These files are pulled into both the Windows 8.1 and the Windows Phone 8.1 applications. Everything but the UI XAML is in the shared folder.
  • Portable Class Library
    • HTTP services, basic business logic, a data interface and some other data helpers are in the PCL
  • "Add as Link"
    • Some files from the Universal project are shared with the Windows Phone 8 project using the "Add As Link" functionality. The code for these files is exactly the same in all the projects, but we use #if compiler conditionals to isolate non-compatible code.

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